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Proper Electro from CN on “The Expedition Beyond” for Milo Bragg’s excellent Future Primitive label.

Comprising ten tracks of dystopian Techno and Electro with heavy nods to Kraftwerk and Drexciya this album encapsulates all the essential features of real, o.g., purist Electro.

Proposed as narrative accompaniment to the adventures of a star-craft and its crew travelling through the Galaxy, the tracks have a very filmic quality to them, from the explorative propulsion of “Surfing Carina” to the unsettling dread of “Coronal Mass Ejections” every mood and intergalactic scenario is played out through these ten tracks.

High quality gear, fit for deep sea swimming, extra-terrestrial journeys, 5am dancefloor workouts.

Star Depot 39 Alpha 4:58
Past The Milky Way 3:55
Surfing Carina 3:54
Coronal Mass Ejections 2:30
Arrival At Star Base Zero 3:01
Charting The Path 2:53
Goodbye, Twin Suns 3:52
Adrift 2:41
Radiation Shields 3:49
Alone On Deck 2:09

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