Commodo back on MEDi with a lethal injection of oblique soundsystem venom for all haunted rave spaces and ghost hunts, served up with killer artwork from Tape-Echo >>

“I’ve been making tracks in groups for the past couple of years and these three were loosely based on a Lovecraft style story, where an investigator shows up at an unfrequented hotel and discovers a supernatural cult. Bit of a reach? Maybe”
Commodo, 2020

That’ll do nicely if you ask us – main concern here, is that you make sure to turn up the volume adequately and position yourself neatly in between the Left, and Right speakerbox.
Lobby Theme, the first cut, will welcome you into this dark place, there’s a bit of Garth Marengi humour here too as you enter the lift in order to get up to the first floor, but before you know it you might find yourself lost and confused, but you’ll still enjoy the ride, like that kid from The Shining when he first makes his way around the house in his three wheeler.
Undulating synth and perc combos throb their way through warped chords as the hotel’s piano player continues to play his tune, despite the fact that all guests vanished years ago.

Once you solved the first puzzle, and found that secret door, Eldritch is the scenario that awaits. What’s this, is it a hologram of a Bandulu takeover dance? Either way, the gunfingers are definitely out in force right now.

Alright, now it’s time for the third cut, the title track ‘Procession’ –
Play time is over, this ghost dance just got serious.
Close the doors behind ya, it’s way past curfew time.

Big, big 12″ – don’t sleep on this one.

Printed sleeve design by Studio Tape-Echo.
Orange vinyl.

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