– If You’re Into It Then I’m Out Of It –
Christoph de Babalon’s cult classic from back in 1997 gets it’s first ever reissue treatment, remastered by Rashad Becker and sounding timeless as ever.

21 years since it’s original release on Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore Recordings label, it’s an LP that still cuts an edge on most attempts to break through the spheres of rave music into new territory.

“If You’re Into It..” has gone down in history as a seminal release, standing the test of time with ease. While still a dark, menacing beast of a record that retains much of the frenetic hyperactivity of its musical forebears, there is an underlying tension and fragility at the constant brink of implosion, setting it apart from it’s peers.
Approaches to atmosphere, space and arrangement are torn apart at the seams, spilling across into the fringes of dark ambient, whilst holding the torch for ferocious junglists alike.

The bulk of this LP is devoted to the corrosive, toxic treatment of the breakbeat in the finest of 90’s junglist fashion – but what sets Christoph De Babalon’s work apart, is the acute deployment of dread injected atmosphere, engulfing the drum & bass exercises in a thick, black cloud of skeletal rave smog.

This is ruffnek soundsystem music, as much as it is an accomplished Album that needs to play on the hifi at the yard, for full immersion.

Very serious work, perhaps one of the finest of it’s time.
Limited reissue, packed across two 12″s –

Maximum pressure, be warned.

What You Call A Life
Dead (Too)
Damaged III
High Life (Theme)
My Confession

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