1: Pamela_ and her sons - Waking Eleven

2: Blechdachs - Kellertuer

3: Wilted Woman - Third Calibration

4: Poulsen + Sæderup + Okholm - Fundamental House

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Very, very, very excellent 100minute / 30ish artist compilation, packaged in double tape pack fold-finesse risograph artwork, and sent here direct from Daizy & Holy HQ in Leipzig, Germany –

Most probably the only copies you’ll find this side of the shore, we’re very happy to have our hands on this pretty special compilation from a well-varied group of artists that circulate around the DH sphere somewhere between dubtronics, electro-acoustics, oddball ambience, tape manipulation, concrete-dancehall and slumber pop …. Or something like that anyway.

Expertly curated for curious minds, both tapes move coherently through a wide span of sound worlds – all killer, no filler experimental music, weird and wonderful, and despite it’s boundary pushing attitude, not light of humour & playfulness – just as it should be really.

From NYC’s ‘Pamela_and her sons’ who provide not just a great name but also a great, great piece of vocal-dub-sludge just before we stumble into high-octane ambience from Hamburg’s Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg (hot off his Ras Donnersperg LP) aka Uli Rehberg, who is part of techno veterans Werkbund and the man behind the Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien label (who released TG in ’82 for example), through to a Poulsen + Sæderup + Okholm masterpiece of spoken (phone monologue) word & guitar fumble, through to italian amplifier maestro Davide Luciano (who mixed the forthcoming Salac album (you’ve been warned)) and into potential soundtrack to a birthday-party-gone wrong with Peter Strickmann, past many more great tracks (we can’t name them all goddammit!) into a killer hi-tek-lo-fi dancehall stretccccchout from West Germany’s schluesselkeeper DJ Schlucht,
TRiiEOM aka the TRJJ collective (last spotted on Trii Musik and STROOM) and into a heavy hittin’ Blechdachs’ shangaan-electro-footworkin’-giorgo-moroder epic, followed by a polyrythmic synth rhythm quest into mood switch of the highest order from Wilted Woman – we’d happily swim on dolphin through donkey kong underwater worlds to this one, just sayin’ – through to so many more great tracks –

Honestly, listening to this is time well spent, plus, you’ll be back again, promise.
And you could do worse than investing into this below the radar DIY operation and the artists that paint their walls.
Plus, for all investigative music minds out there, it may well lead you to find a few new worlds that you didn’t know about before, it certainly opened a few gates for us. Great stuff.

2 x C52 white tapes with black onbody print, comes with DL code.
Served in double cassette shell with foldout three colour risograph print.
Curation: Maximilian Glass
Mastering: Martin Hesse
Dubbing: Pattern//Select
Design: Happah

1. Giorgio Dursi – Three Distractions One In Reverse 02:59
2. Wojtek Kurek – Thicket 05:01
3. Pamela_ and her sons – Waking Eleven 03:17
4. Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg – Freudenlicht 04:29
5. Poulsen + Sæderup + Okholm – Fundamental House 05:16
6. Daphne X – Dzieciol 04:58
7. T.u.B. – Quattro Stagioni 03:10
8. Davide Luciani – Athene9 04:35
9. Munzard – Rebellious Bells 03:56
10. Peter Strickmann – Würrrmm 03:11
11. Nina Guo + Auguste Vickunaite – Shuttered Curtains 05:14
12. Tintin Patrone – Foules Homogènes 05:17
13. YOY – Emotional Classic 05:00
14. Cliff Göppert – Telepunk 03:29
15. DJ Schlucht – Heisse Suppe Stiller Feuer 02:38
16. o ye o no – Let‘s Go 02:07
17. XC♢PY- Maxi Holi 01:53
18. Belorukov + Bauer + Khorkhordina – Aufgedunsen 06:19
19. jayrope – How Does It Feel 04:40
20. TRiiEOM – A Pours B + Her 03:59
21. Delmore Fx – You Are Not What You Are 03:34
22. Blechdachs – Kellertuer 02:02
23. Wilted Woman – Third Calibration 03:36
24. Matt Wand – The Forgetting Curve 05:31
25. Daniel Majer – Luv Speech 02:02
26. jölüp – Orbitte 04:42

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