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Dawit Eklund - Ouroborous EP

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Off-the-cuff, bonkers house, techno and electro excursions from Dawit Eklund - no self-seriousness here, just a miasma of weird sounds and restless, cranky rhythms that pull themselves in all sorts of strange directions - particularly on the B1 - Lies and Chic (our tip as well).

Litchi Juice on the A is a slightly more straight house jacker but with no less of the off-the-wall sound design and maximalist approach as the B.

Twis' & turn dancefloor funk for fans of Minor Science, Oris Jay, Dam Funk and the Klasse Wrecks Crew.


Litchi Juice

Lies Are Chic

Lies Are Chic (Microdose Mix)