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2018 lives again in the form of this masterfully dark self-titled Dead Space Chamber Music cassette, remastered from the dead and worth the price alone for the delicious new packaging and bonus tracks (inc. a crushing remix from Italian dark alchemists Abattoir & Satori).

We’ve had our black hearts conquered by Dead Space’s world of eerie chamber goth and pagan folk-horror atmospheres steeped in Renaissance and Medieval history of the West Country. It just feels like the most Bristol thing…..in a much deeper way than the graffiti tours and the shite new builds. This sound lives under our feet, trapped in the hillforts and unmarked saxon graves that must lie below Broadmead (and influence things in some ways).

This early incarnation of DSCM is somehow more delicate and ethereal with hindsight (hindears?) – pre-dating the addition of drummer Katie Murt, the tracks drift across the eyes like a candlelit evening far from the city lights, where the wind howls unblocked by concrete and mobile phones are stolen from pockets by errant boglins of the moors.

Includes a heart-wrenching rendition of John Dowland’s lute ayre ‘Flow My Tears’ – from the Great British songbook – and an early drum machine version of live favourite Liement Me Deport.

Truly one of the most exceptional underground acts operating in the Bristol area.
+ an easy recommendation for fans of Avon Terror Corps acts like Salac, Dead Can Dance, Josef van Wissem, Diamanda Galas’ vocal dramatics.

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