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Big Desi Roots tune, an ode to the struggles of the DIY weed economy at the time, in JA –

This one has been a sought after roots track over the years, rearing it’s head on a number of pressings ever since it first came out in 1979 via Rockers Plantation, and then swiftly followed by Hawkeye.
It’s a haunting, subtle lyric that persuades with it’s simplicity and honesty, and with a proper meditative roots vibe that will have you hooked in an easy way. The rhythm is induced with heavy amounts of restrained funk, bursting at the seams with each hit of the drum, and each step of the bassline.

Then we have that ruffffff Scientist dub, – titled ‘Dub Fields’ but also known as ‘Burn Them’.
The kind of mixing desk restraint, and class that could even teach (and probably did teach) Moritz & Mark a thing or two.

Centre art is killer too….

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