After managing to snatch the last handful of these, collected from PTP HQ in NYC, then brought to Dis Fig in Berlin via her friend, then collected from her there & brought over to Bristol just recently, these direct drop copies are finally here now for those of you who still need a copy (don’t worry we’ve bagged ours too now).
P.S. we have some Dis Fig tees here too, dropped in Bristol last year at the end of the tour she did with Giant Swan, Ossia & Rian Treanor!

Killer debut album from Dis Fig.

Definitely one of those works that words fall short of adequately describing but safe to say, this is a real lesson in tension, vocal textures, unbelievably heavy percussion and borderline terrifying sound design.

A challenging but very rewarding listen and one that demands really focussed listening – switching from introspective to all out sonic assault on a dime – Purge is not a record to turn your back on. Fantastic work.

Remastered & pro-duplicated to frosted cassette with imprinted art
Housed in double-sided full color Maltese cross packaging (recycled card stock)
Featuring photography by Alice Z Jones
Design/artwork by Jeremiah Carter.

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