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Dive Reflex, at your Service once more –

Fresh out via our friends at Limbo HQ, comes this excellent follow up – aptly titled ’02’, coming hot on the heels of the first Dive Reflex Service appearance, the self-titled first LP (still some copies here by the way, if you need to fill that gap!).

As you’d expect, it’s an expertly executed trip down memory lanes that you never knew had existed before.
Elevated scenes into blue/green-ish vapourous clouds that shift and morph through a set of 12 patiently paced, well-spaced cuts. Proper sit back & listen vibes on this, a much needed source of positive vibes, and introspective journey-ism.

check the words from Limbo Tapes, they sum it all up real nice:
“Following on from 2019’s “01”, Dive Reflex Service returns to Limbo Tapes with a 12 more signature visions. If you were spellbound by the debut LP, then prepare for a full bewitching as DRS presses on into new and more intense territory.

Where “01” reflected a pastime of digging in 70s vinyl, here on “02” there is more evident borrowing from the club music of the last 25 years. Observing and exploring everything but the drop. Helping to answer the question: How do crucial scene-setting features of sound system music behave when the drums have left the main room?.

Elsewhere, “Feed Me Snow”, “Old School Poltergeist” and “Brilliant Colours” speak through another inherently Dive Reflex voice. Fragile, haunted and profound piano phrases that tell of older dustier truths. Their inward looking sincerity is typical of “02” and confides a sensitive cautionary awareness of the supernatural.

Each layer seems to have a living and ceremonial presence, as if the pieces have been plucked from nature and entranced. Vocals appear like subtly abstract members of the chorus, often as if heard from another room. While analogue imperfections shift and buckle around familiar sub bass frequencies, reminding us at every turn that this music has its tap root firmly in sound system healing.

More than ever Dive Reflex Service sounds like an ensemble, brandishing a personalised palette with consistent tone and texture. Although, often what sounds performed is sampled, and what sounds sampled is performed. Tape recorders reaching into the past, present and future recording and collecting.

It doesn’t sit quite right to describe this as an ambient release, because there’s too much tension, yearning and rhythmic low end for that. Imagine the sound you hear as you walk away from the club. The echoes of the distant bass catching a strong breeze, the muddled memories of the drums merging with more sedate, pensive late night headphone selections, and you’re just entering the realm of Dive Reflex Service 02. ”

Very nicely done – and probably sitting firmly in selected cassette players soon, so be quick if you’d like one.

Edition of 50.
Cream C45 cassette with on-body printing.
Laser engraved, hand numbered racing green 270gsm recycled card sleeve designed by DRS.

1. Thirty Five Times 03:01
2. Online Scam 03:30
3. Smallest Alligator 03:48
4. Caterpillar In Your Ear 03:39
5. Day Trip To Weston 03:19
6. Mexican Summer 04:18
7. Feed Me Snow 01:50
8. Old School Poltergeist 02:59
9. Brilliant Colours 03:06
10. Sorry Not Sorry 02:07
11. West Coast Nose Dive 03:13
12. You Are Here 03:10

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