Dj Ape vs Dj Oa$is – Sleng Again

Vinyl (12" / 33rpm)
FuckPunk [FUCKPUNK001]
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FuckPunk is here.

Following on from the ‘Pulse Marley’ edition of 5″ dubplate madness, the underground label from Bristol presents us with two fierce drum-machine driven dancehall cuts, by label-owners Dj Ape (aka Vessel) and Dj Oa$is (aka Ossia).

Coming off like a ferocious kick at the membrane in dancehall style, with added flame and fire, ‘Sleng Again’ and it’s subsequent version (cut on the same side of the disc) are, as the titles suggests loosely based on the infamous ‘Sleng Teng’ riddim that has infiltrated all forms of dance music since the digital explosion of dancehall in 80’s, Jamaica.

These cuts come raw and undiluted, bare-bone hardware jams aimed at a soundboy’s chest, aimed to put your speakers to it’s test.
If you’re expecting relentless repetition of that infamous casiotone bassline, think again – whilst the rhythm bubbles and simmers below hot-up-in-the-reds bass drum and snare revolutions, the full exposure of that famous bassline drops out of the blue and cuts it’s ties quickly… This is Sleng Teng – FuckPunk style.

This record represents the first in a series of variation of releases from the FuckPunk underground circuits –

A1: Sleng Again
A2: Sleng Again, Again
B1: Sleng Again & Again [Locked Groove]

Limited to 250.
Two cuts on the A Side, locked groove and a ‘shit etching’ on the other side.
Served in oversized polythene sleeve, with two-sided photocopy insert split 50/50 by Sam ‘Neek’ Barrett and C26.
Centre label designs split 50/50 by Sam ‘Neek’ Barrett and C26.
Mastered by Lewis @ Stardelta.

Out of stock!
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