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1: Saga Om Hyrde

2: Demoni Takes Goats Back To Life - (DJ Sotofett edit)

3: When The Shit Is Normal - (DJ Sotofett edit)

4: Straight To Valhalla - (DJ Sotofett edit)

Fresh from Fett Distro, this 6 tracker of rock solid house music from DJ Candle In The Wind, backed by 5 (!) Sotofett edits really piqued our interest when we cracked open the box –

Motorik box jam workouts propelled by relentless hats and woozy pads – a pleasure in the blend and guaranteed to get a party jumping. Timeless and life affirming gear!

Special mention to the sleeve on this one too – you’ll know what we mean when you get a closer look!

Pure class.

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