High-octane St Lucian Kudoro madness, DJ Chengz at the controls, bussed on to tape via Nyege Nyege!!!

Pure energy, St. Lucian style, packed into just under 70mins of raucous, x-rated, kudoro pace – Dennery Segment aka Dj Chengz coming with the quick blends, riding those rhythms in version excursion style, letting each of the vocalists bring their undisputable HYPE!
Pure rhythm workouts, cheeky sex’d up vocal NRG, packed with drum computer madness and big, bad FX injections for that bad boy selector vibe.

This one’s been sitting at the HQ for a few weeks now (they arrived with that HHY & The Macumbas tape), and it’s been on repeat here ever since, bringing much needed sunshine into this building.
Hearing this again now, is making us a bit sad that St. Pauls’ Carnival and Notting Hill Carnival will not be happening this summer – in fact, SP Fest was supposed to be this weekend – but at least we have this cassette to get us fully charged and to feel these unmistakeable Island vibes anyway.

Explosive, and full of vibes, this is one of the most infectious things we’ve heard in a while. Sure to raise a smile, and it might even encourage you to have a much needed dance – don’t forget that we all need that!


P.S. we have an extra limited version of this one, in bright fluorescent screenprinted covers <3 Big up NyegeNyege for the hook up. Limited edition, cassette-only (but you get a DL with it). Dark purple tapes, green on body print. 4 panel riso print j card.

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