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“One year and a half has passed since Dj David Goblin unleashed the power of his Muzik. Though his ego bar has been filled, the Goblin asked seven mortal identities to experience an orkish avatar and join him for a second chapter. Dj David Goblin & The Horde banded together and stood united against the Burning Reality.
You, human, you are not prepared…”

This is the exact dose of humour and x- multiplied energy you never knew you needed.

Absolute bonkerz high octane pheasantry’d RnB / slaughter Pop / medieval psy trance / axe-wielding gabba & grime juxtapositions with the Dj David Goblin and his Horde at the controls, coming via Brussel’s very-own (ain’t no body doing the same, let us tell you that) PRR! PRR! label, with the big boss DJ Cloarec at the helm.

We don’t usually sell many CDs on here (we do try every now and then) but this one is simply too good to pass.
Comes with a DL too, so….

Load this up at your own peril. BEWARE OF THE ORK!

Edition of 300 CDs in Jewel case design.

Art direction by Dj David Goblin
Sculpture & photography by Tim Ryan
Mastering by Jeremy Cox
Design by David Coquelin & Fregant Cloarec.

1. Tera Octe: Blazin’ [Bom Bom Bom] 02:47
2. Hajj: Pour Mes Kheys 04:20
3. Dj Nj Drone: Globz Muck Syn 03:33
4. Estoc: Skrap Yardz Tool 03:34
5. Abby: Knok Knok Razor Dok 02:02
6. B-Ball Joints: Joint 3 [Drink Powa] 02:49
7. Daniel DeLuca: Tha Rock (End Credits) 03:19

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