Ultra-vibey dembow rhythm science from DJ Python on his 2nd album, following up that killer ‘Dulce Amable’ LP.

Back on Anthony Naples’ and Jenny Slattery’s Incienso imprint, this 2nd album feels like it continues on a path where the first LP left off, further exploring the depths and intricacies of dancehall, reggaeton, and a whole heap of Jamaican / African / South American influenced soundsystem music in DJ Python’s own, tripped out, slick-but-not-too-slick style.

It’s a supreme record, that makes most sense as a complete listen. Each track contains endlessly big amounts of groove, and a really beautiful attention to detail in the production and arrangement, and there is a rhythmical lineage and a sort of narrative of surrounding ambience that swerves around the core, (re)introducing motifs and moods through the different tracks.
It hits that ultra low-slung lean of the classic dembow type rhythms that have shaped so much of dancehall, reggaeton and beyond, whilst managing to submerge the dance inducing elements in a perfect harmony with synthesized blue note type ambient backdrops & fx trickery that feel somewhere between Twin Peaks, Final Fantasy and late 90’s DnB.

Another thing that really adds glue to this record, and sets it apart, is the way certain sounds are and percussive elements are left to wander across different tracks, and blend across, whilst each track blends into the next.

…Gives the thing even more of a continuous feel, like some kind of drift along with waves of rhythm, and it’s a great way to get the most of out of this record, which sits somewehere in between that kind of disc you might put on late at night at your place, just to kick back… But equally, we’re pretty sure could also light up a party in a real nice way.
– yet either side of the sound doesn’t feel compromised or forced – it’s a highly cool & comfortable, and dangerously potent mix that’s had us coming back for it again and again.

Real, real nice!

Just checking the clips won’t do this one full justice, this one makes most sense in full immersion mode, from start to finish.

1. Te Conocí 05:35
2. Pia 05:11
3. Alejandro 04:29
4. ooophi 06:38
5. Descanse 04:31
6. ADMSDP (Feat. LA Warman) 11:38
7. Juntos 05:33
8. mmmm 04:52
9. ADMSDP (Feat. LA Warman) [Edit] 04:50

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