We have a handful of this very nifty & unique 7″ drop from the recent pizza box sent to us directly from Sex Tags / Fett Distro HQ in Berlin!

Definitely a bit of a collectors item this one, and a very nice artefact from a certain time & place…
Pool, in Tokyo, 2017 to be exact!

“This 12 min. 7″ with 7 tracks carries flashback excerpts from DJ Sotofett’s annual improvised live concerts at Pool, Tokyo. Taken from the 2017 edition feat. Tokyo’s Osaruxo playing violin and Diskomo on mono synth & efx. Glittery, twinkly & glitchy noise, abruptly booming & drawn out it carries atmospheres & counter (re-)active elements typically generated by the moment of sonic symbios & interactive attention. Spacial & girded sonics!”

Something special about having these very particular sonics on a 7″… Much like the curious field recording work of Geir Tore Holm, this disc feels a bit like a postcard sent from a place of intrigue.
Stick the disc on (for around 12mins!… This must be one of the longest-playing 7″s we’ve come across) and take the trip with Soto & crew – it’s very good stuff, of course.

Tip-top bizniz for the vinyl heads, via one of the truest contemporary underground forces fighting the good fight for this special format we like to call ‘wax’.

A1. Excerpt 1
A2. Excerpt 2
A3. Excerpt 3
A4. Excerpt 4
B1. Excerpt 5
B2. Excerpt 6
B3. Excerpt 7

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