Don’t DJ: ’ri∂.em

Vinyl (12")
Diskant [DISKANT 006]

First solo-outing from ‘Don’t DJ’ – a member of the trio named Durian Brothers.

Number six in the Diskant catalogue and perhaps the most upfront to date – this record sits neatly alongside previous releases on the label:

Sonically tuned for the Soundsystem, rhythmically in tune with something far further afield…

Reminiscent ‘in groove’ of ex-Kreidler venture ‘Sølyst’, Japanese drum orchestra ‘Gooco’ and at times even a hint of Bristol’s very own ‘Peverelist’ to name a few…

Locally informed and outernationally inspired, reaching into the deepest polyrhythmic depths from Japan to Africa and beyond, this 12″ sounds organic with an undertone of mechanic, aesthetically pleasing to the ears and deadly in execution.

High-grade material.

Presented in a good-looking double-sided silkscreen printed cover, designed by Lotte Effinger.

A1: Drob
A2: Looppool
B1: Black Zebra
B2: Euclidean Grid
B3: End&

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