Sent over here straight from the SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL HQ, comes this C60 blast of smoothest-wooze and head-high-headnodders from their ICS Library label, presenting the healing sounds and stimulative retro-grade VHS audio sequences of the mysterious Dr Nacho, packed in a mad-good tape stylee, and sounding goddamn good too!

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Scrolling thru our Rolodex for physicians on the fringes of ferric science – barring any with reports of malpractice, we landed on a nearly-torn index with a handwritten note. It read: “Take two and call me back”. The Rolodex entry, as it turns out, was for the eminent revenant, the reticent resident, Dr. Nacho.

The prescription: two side-long sessions of rhythmic regression therapy; a controversial practice with equally debated results, subjecting the patient to sonic cellular sublimation, inducing a decibel-driven data defragmentation – a purge if you will – resulting in a more wholistic sense of being.

Dr Nacho Volume 2 & 3 is a case study of one such therapy session. Not unlike the artefacts found on an archeological dig, the extraction yielded a range of disjointed oddities: VHS tape segments, late night infomercials, cocaine, unresolved sequences, 80s comic book ads, downsampled dreams, fractionated dialogue, did we mention cocaine?

The patient shall remain nameless.

We co-present this document to you now, in accordance with Dr Nacho’s highest recommendations, with hopes that we may learn and be able to recognize and unearth each of our own internal fragmentations and ultimately rearrange our own internal circuitries for our personal betterment. We abide by the doctor’s orders.

The question: What ever happened to Volume One?

>> Boom! There you have it.

C60 Tape. Edition of 74.
printed onbody stickers, printed inlay in fine Mysteryforms collage style & fashion.
comes with DL code.

1. DR NACHO Vol.2 30:44 mins
2. DR NACHO Vol.3 29:31 mins

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