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Mystical, heavy dub from Alpha & Omega alongside Alpha Steppa –

Pressed across two discs – with one of the discs containg vocals, the other presenting the dub-counterparts – we find the distinct sound of heavy dubwise that Alpha Steppa and Alpha & Omega have carved for themselves… always heavy on the low-end, yet loaded with a certain fruityness and energy in the mix, an uplifting combination of frequency, clearly geared for soundsystem use and loud recreational purposes.

With the vocal talents of Cian Finn, Wellette Seyon, Ras Tinny, N’Goni, Prince David, Moa Anbessa, Moodi, Don Fe and Mark Pratton, as well as Bubo Silvestri on Trombone and Federoco Nalesso on Trumpet, it’s a project of Unity in dub, conscious and righteous.

It’s a solid pack of tunes, but the ultimate standout is ‘Blessings’ / Evil Fi Bun’ and it’s beautiful hornsline…  Wicked stuff!

Pressed loud and clear, these are sure to hit the right tone and vibration once played at a decent volume…. Steppers massive, listen up!

Blessed Ithiopia
Thundering Mantis
Black Rose
Ever Powering Medicine
We Got Jah
River Jordon

Disc 2:
Ithiopia Dub
Thundering Mantis Part 2
Black Rose Dub
Ever Powering Dub
We Got Dub
Evil Fi Bun
Welcome To The Lion On Your Path

Out of stock!
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