Four cuts on one Discomix 12” –

Two crucial UK roots vocalists meet head to head on this nu roots anthem from Bristol’s own Dubkasm. Gritty live instrumentation meets heavy Soundsystem style steppers in a UK fashion.

Taken from DJ Stryda and Digistep’s debut LP ‘Transform I’, this twelve brings rising star ‘Solo Banton’ to the table, reinforcing Tena’s spiritual plea in a deejay style, nailing the banner on the flipside with a soul-drenched sax and flute instrumental, filled with harmony and melody.

A final dub workout takes us from antique Jamaican circuitry into a futuristic growler, closing this quality set in characteristic Dubkasm style with Digistep at the mixing board, drenching the bassline in trademark distortion and reverb, propelling the listener right into the echo chamber and focusing on the raw structure of this top-class rhythm.
Forward thinking roots and dubwise that harks back to 1970’s classics… don’t miss this one!

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