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1: Love And Overstanding ft. Keety Roots

2: Love And Overstanding (Dub)

3: Love And Overstanding (Jubilant)

4: Love And Overstanding (Instrumental)

Brrrrrannnd new (& repressed already due to high demand) – the 2nd disc on Dj Stryda’s Sufferah’s Choice label!

Dubkasm meets Ashanti Selah (son of Aba Shanti-I) alongside Keety Roots (of Black Legacy fame) for a heartical, heavyweight roots 12″, including an (expectedly) killer dub version from Dubkasm’s Digistep, live on mixing desk.

Love this background info from Dubkasm HQ – check it for all the info you need:

“The second release from Sufferah’s Choice is a one-riddim collaboration 12” EP between Dubkasm and Ashanti Selah, the son of the great Aba Shanti-I, and a huge talent in his own right. It opens with a rare guest vocal by the legendary Keety Roots. A conscious mystic who is renowned for 90s gems like his legendary vocal ‘African Blood’, and for his heavyweight productions on his own Black Legacy label.

Keety usually only voices his own productions so having his gentle but righteous voice over Dubkasm’s trademark bass and horns and Ashanti Selah’s bubbling keyboards and frenzied drums is a huge and rare honour. A pounding echo filled dub follows. The b-side is given over to a jubilant horn cut, blending Ashanti Selah’s digital power with Dubkasm’s deep organic sound, and the sparsely melodic instrumental cut.

Dubkasm have known Ashanti Selah since he was a boy, through their friendship with his father, and have watched him grow up in the roots tradition. This collaboration, which has been championed worldwide by the great Aba Shanti-I shows a deep dub connection.”

Pure niceness across four cuts – from vocal, to instrumental, to raw steppers, in fine Dubkasm style!

As has been tradition ever since Dubkasm versioned Gorgon Sound for PengSound001 – this Dubkasm release has been mastered and cut to 1/2 inch tape, by Lewis at Stardelta.

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