Dynoo – Mesh N2 Air

Cassette (Cassette / C40)
Astro:Dynamics [ADCASS07]

Latest tape drop on Astro:Dynamics –

Moving on from his 2011 ‘Vvideo Hair’ debut LP and further into the realms of soundscape and textural constructions, this piece, entitled ‘Mesh N2 Air’ feels perfectly suited for the fragility of the ferric oxide tape that inhabits the reels of these beautiful shells we’ve come to love over the years.

A hazy ride through a sonic space in mid-air, flickering distortions of reality shimmering through intoxicating clouds of uncertain nostalgia.

Includes a remix by Norwegian born Lars T C F Holdhus.

Mastered by Vessel (Tri Angle Records).
Artwork by Alice Charlotte Ray and Dynoo himself.

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