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Four track EP of puristic dubstep vibes with a heavy nod to Techno

Right from the get go this 12″ asserts itself as one for the eyes down crew as the title track barrels in with a barrage of sub low pressure and Techno influenced stabs. Reminiscent of early Pinch and Tectonic releases this track bridges the gap between classic Dubstep and the current wave of 130 Techno ruffige. Similarly the remix by, Laton head and Sex Tags affiliate, Pomassl reinterprets the title track with deadly efficacy, upping the energy, roughing up the main synth motif and introduces swathes of atmosphere perfect for the dance!

Back to El Rakkas with the EL-B and Groove Chronicles influence clearly shown on the track “Done Already” using a similar palette but this time with a bumpy UKG Flava! Heavy nods to Jungle as well.

With the closer “Interference” there is more of a Spherix or early Shackleton vibe to be found, as skittering hats and dark drones typify a track built solely for a dark room with a big rig!

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