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Fresh tape-import via Boomarm Nation –

Fresh is the word. It’s nice to get our hands on some more of that ‘organic’ music, real instruments played by real people… Elite Beat is an outfit from Portland, ‘Casual Rhythms Vol. 1’ picks up all manor of musical devices – a solid formation of Trombone, Sax, Guitar, Electric Bass and Keys sit around, in between and underneath the heavily percussive driving elements, from Djembe to Congas and Tambourines – it’s a hypnotizing, mesmerizing flow from start to finish.

Whilst the groove is a permanent focus, the melodic elements are allowed to step in and out and whirl around via a heap of expertly utilized dub mechanics, with Boomarm Nation bossman ‘Gulls’ at the mixing board – firing off Synare shots and channeling the sonics through an array of analog reverbs and echo – it’s a truly dubwise affair that moves steadily and fluidly throughout.

Equally nice in sitting or dancing position.
A real listening pleasure!

Over 60mins running time.
Includes DL.
Edition of 100 tapes.
Black tapes, white onbody print.

Out of stock!
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