Pure niceness warming up your speaker box from Elite Beat with the second instalment of their ‘Casual Rhythms’ series –

This 6 piece collective from the Pacific Northwest cook up 9 tracks of pure good vibes and niceness for your ears.

Rooted by powerful melodic basslines, and percussion-driven polyrhythms, they create ecstatic horn and guitar fuelled compositions that invigorate the senses. Ripe with layers of electrified dub mixing, raw energy and a razor sharp sense of rhythm, Casual Rhythms Volume 2 is a continuation in the series of studio transmissions from the Elite Beat…

Full tracklist –

1.Nook Lyfe
2.Budget Dancehall
3.Los Baez After Midnight
4.We & We
5.The Triplitizer
6.The Confuser
7.Seth McTav
8.Oh Rogg!
9.The Confuser

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