If you caught that magical Employee cassette on Bristol’s very own Plaque a little while ago, this is the vinyl copy you’ve been waiting for – Super short run of 100 copies, it’s sounding incredible. There’s 8 Tracks in total, two of them exclusive to the vinyl as well.

Sword-wielding Ocarina master Link on a conquest with Legowelt, meeting a gold-armoured middle-age incarnation of Ryuichi Sakamoto… aka the sound of EMPLOYEE for the inaugural tape from PLAQUE!

One of Bristol’s finest underground promotions, headed by long-time top-a-top selector and Slack Alice / Avon Terror Corps resident Matt Light, we’re pleased to see Plaque’s first dispatch-able transmission for everyone outside of the city.

Right from the time you press play (insert coins) it’s clear that this venture is one inspired by videogame worlds and similar far-away tales of escapism and imagined places – swelling synths make way for jangled drum loops and 12bit melodies in the best of computer game traditions, with many of the infectious musical sections on Temple Of Glendor appearing only for a minute or so, like those glorious RPG moments where you are at an intersection between worlds and just need to pass a simple path, collect rubies and upgrade your weapons whilst a tuneful, well-spirited yet ominous musical passage guides the way.

Naturally, with its melodic tendencies and FM style synthesis it also feels like it could’ve come from Japan’s late 80’s early 90’s leftfield pop & ambient era, heavily inspired by the technological advances at the time, but we can’t be sure that this is a direct influence…. The sound of videogame music is pretty universal, and it’s probably already engrained in most our DNA’s by now too.

Or as PLAQUE state it so aptly:
“Help our hero navigate into the lower echelons of Glendor’s claggy labyrinth and unlock the real secret behind it’s master’s evil ways. Potions can revive dead party members, consulting occult spaeman can unlock bonus levels. Destroy all the master’s treasure chests and collect the keys to emancipate his disfigured servants from their opiated haze and assist with the struggle deeper into shadowy purple chambers.
For this journey expect fragmented visuals with ever-tessellating rib vaults, turnt-up combat mechanics with challenging boss battles for an ever-cerebral quest seeped in dread and unease.

A refreshingly melodic, and rather rejuvenating 20 track meditation from a mysterious protagonist –
We give our assurances of the highest order to those who are thinking of going 1up on this!

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