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1: Time Cow ft. Rtkal - Elephant Man

2: Gavsborg - Making Love to Volca

Equiknoxx’s Time Cow & Gavsborg go head to head on a fresh riddim, alongside Rtkal on vocals, for this big, big tune ‘Elephant Man’, backed with a killer extended dub on the flip.

Pure, undiluted, yet understated anthem vibes on this tribute to one of Dancehall’s wildest plane signallers – seriously good sh*t, proper infectious (in the good kinda way, not the bad way of course)

… This bit of background info from the artists themselves is very nice, so we’re going to paste it in FYI:

“The story behind EM13 is one that sees Equiknoxx crew (Gavsborg + Time Cow) in a quite a sought-after Air bnb in Kingston. Invited to this cozy spot by RTKal (Birmingham based MC + Frequent Equiknoxx Collaborator), saw us trying different methods to cancel out the sounds of the Hope Zoo + Kingston traffic as we nested in the second floor of this Hope Pasture dwelling.

We originally went there as our studio was under renovation and we decided we wanted to lay some bars down with RTKal. The night took an interesting turn when we began to commend people that have made big strides in dancehall culture, with Elephant Man’s name reeling high in the discussion. Elephant Man is quite a character which we believe deserves a very focused applause for bringing a refreshing ‘burlesque’ flair to the Kingston scene in the early 2000’s. When we think of Elephant Man we think of an outlandish 120bpm ‘Jiggy Mixture’ of Grace Jones & Lee Scratch Perry meets Busta Rhymes.

After long nostalgic discussions, Time Cow & RTKal both begin to vocal the ghostly synth + drum repetition concocted by a volca beats trial run by Gavsborg.”

Absolutely crucial disc!

P.S.: Sorry about the price… Import Costs…….

12″ served up via Kingston’s Equiknoxx label, pressed up nice & crisp, mastered by Nik Sinha on a two track 12″, and presented with real nice DIY sleeve art by Brigid.

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