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Mad, but completely sensical combination of Kingston and Berlin’s most cutting edge operators within the dancehall periphery.

‘Basic Channel swimming in a Caribbean gulf stream’ as The Bug aptly put it, Mark Ernestus dissects and distills two of Equiknoxx’s best album cuts, Congo Get Slap and Flagged Up.
Both remixes hover around the 135 bpm mark, but Ernestus takes a half-time approach to the drum-programming, giving both cuts a loose feel that echoes the dancehall signatures of their source material, whilst leaving that signature Rhythm & Sound, sublow tunnel vision to apply it’s welcomely overwhelming weight.

True to a certain Basic Channel tradition, whilst earmarking Mark Ernestus love for 90’s, 00’s and more modern Dancehall coming from the Island, these remixes hit the exact sweet spot between Equiknoxx and Rhythm & Sound.
If, like us, you have the sound of the original Burial Mix 10″s ingrained in your DNA due to sheer listening hours over the years, then this contemporary spin by one half of Rhythm & Sound will surely get these particular musical juices flowing again.

While both tracks favour similar drum programming and low-end rhythms, their moods are totally different. Congo Get Slap is more upbeat, and stands out as a fairly unique aesthetic amongst Mark Ernestus’ broader catalogue due to the trancey euphoria of the original track. Ernestus retains the chords and bass stab of the original and underpins them with a nimble percussive section that recalls the work of his Ndagga Rhythm Force collaborative project.

Flagged Up, the B side remix, is more of a subdued affair. For those seeking an updated Basic Channel vibe, this is most certainly the cut for you. 3 minutes of ambience gives way to a half-there click that substitutes for a kick drum and a short, pulsing sub-bass. Once it’s established its narrative, it runs with it in the vein of the classic Basic Channel sound, morphing slowly and deliberately over the course of 10 minutes until you’re left with the repeated gestures etched permanently onto the grey matter of your brain.

Beautiful stuff.

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