Quadruple drop of jungle mutations from Keysound’s / Soundman Chronicle’s very own Etch – this time around on Sneaker Social Club.

There are no track titles on offer here, strictly business on the ‘Untitled Hardcore 1-4’ Channeling the spirit of a myriad of classic jungle labels – there are hints of Good Looking, Moving Shadow and of course, Metalheadz spliced between the well chopped breaks that feature on all of the tracks.

Both tracks on the B side get the thumbs up from us – Untitled No. 3 throws some proper ruffneck basses into the mix with a classic vocal sample and some crafty edits for maximum mix enjoyment. The final cut filters some Dillinja indebted low end frequencies into contemporary shape.

Ruff and tuff gear which is a gang of fun in the mix, if you like breaks and bass (who doesn’t?!) then get fully involved.

Comes with a poster bearing an illustration of a pair of trainers too.

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