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Next up in the IMX series is a criminally underrated producer by the name of EVA808 – she’s been making waves in the
dubstep / grime scene for those in the know for some time now, and with any luck this sick outing on Innamind’s sub-label will help establish her name further and put her closer to the forefront of the scene, right where she deserves to me.

A-side Prrr is a tongue in cheek flip of a much loved rap song, stylised as a UK-via-US mashup of hectic proportions. The pull-up value of this tune is immediately obvious – if you’re lucky enough to bag a copy, use it well.

B side ALL CAPS shares a sample with a certain MF D$%M x Madlib track – no clips about for this one tho, you’ll have to wait for this to arrive to hear it in its full glory.

Limited copies, tipped record.

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