Giovanni Napolano aka NPLGNN has sent us a new parcel, with the latest & greatest on his wicked MBE Series – following up big gems from the likes of Conor Thomas, Beatrice Dillon and more, with this mad, mad, mad 46 min ride through 364 history-spanning tracks made using the legendary Roland 808….

Yes, you heard right – 364 tracks, chop for chop, in 46mins. Each second is pure 808-tinged GOLD.

Trust us, this one’s fun. Get your breakdance moves ready and prepare for that neck to snap.

Sound quality is wicked on the tape too, there’s a reason the 808 is still top of the pops.

Served in hand-stamped, hand-labelled tapes.
comes in bubble wrap bag, with foldout insert flyer art.

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