Ferro #01

Cassette (Cassette / C50)
Ferro Tape Records [FERRO#01]
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Delving deeper into the abyss of dub and experimental techno sounds through to the outer reaches of D&B, the second cassette in the Ferro series features seven cavernous sonic excursions, perfectly executed.

Top. This one’s been on loop in the office over the last few weeks…

Limited to 150 hand-numbered and stamped cassettes, including a risograph insert housed in a ziplock bag with download code inside.

Zzzzra – Semeuse (Dub)
Mount Wishmore Unlimited – C.Y.D.
Octaedre – M. Times
Img_02 – Marching To Zion
Lab Matix – 12th St.
Am.Light – Particles
Neka – Nmap

Out of stock!
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