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Big, bad & heavy party package from Paris’ ‘Few Crackles’ crew & extended family –

This one is a bit too good to pass by –
the perfect tape pack, full of top-a-top selections from dancehall through to oddball bangers and other fun for your ears and legs – a selection of recordings from Few Crackles friends with very excellent records, and great skill at playing them alongside each other –
Lil Toby, Mother, Jon K, Felix Hall, Ntn & Ssabae are all inside occupying at least each side of a tape (three tapes in total) with cherries from start to finish.

Go on then!

Edition of 150.
3 x Cassettes in a boxset.
Side A: Lil Toby
Side B: Felix Hall
Side C: Mother
Side D: Ntn & Ssabae
Side E: Jon K
Side F: Jon K

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