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New science from Floating Points –

Back on Eglo with two exceeding cuts of grooving house music, after a little wait since his last release around a year ago, it’s a welcome return and it’s nice to hear that he’s still on top of his game.

Montparnasse is the livelier cut of the two, centred around swinging drum-break that cuts through the mix in just the right way, keeping the energy levels at peak whilst steadying the pace, leading the way for the low-end to push through with rhythmical excellence.

Flip it for a deeper excursion, a lovely groove that sits somewhere in between upliftment and rhythmical sedation… a classy  pair of tunes that are a joy to listen to, and surely will make an impression on the dancefloor too.

Both sides are produced, cut and mastered to a top degree – it’s simply put, a lovely sounding record.

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