FUMU – Skinned

Vinyl (7'')
Youth [YOV7C]

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Cantankerous, explosive dancehall / industrial head-to-head, from FUMU via YOUTH –

Another big belter from the YOUTH camp, this one.
FUMU’s vinyl debut, following a CD in 2018, this jam-packed 7″ comes locked & loaded with a whole of four (! – very punk) untitled burners, ready to test your hifi good & proper!

Serious, serious ruffneck anthems here, all you need now is a bunch of a mates and a mosh pit. if you’re into DJ Scud’s early work, NPLGNN, Razor X Productions, and indeed the further reaches of the YOUTH, LAVALAVA, Avon Terror Corps and FuckPunk catalogues then just click that button will ya?!

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