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Deep, psychoactive dubwise vibrations of the highest order, straight from the heart of the elusive Gaia Tones imprint –

limited run of 7″s, the fourth in the Gaia Tones series of dubwise oddities for discerning version excursionists –
absolutely killer stuff, blink and you might just miss it…

“Mystical, wide-eyed hyper-exotica flavours from Mother Gaia herself. Two mind-bending chants of dub-filtered tribalism sprawl out of the 7” plate; the Yin side, PIPE, bounces left to right with a hazy sway and morphing, lick-up vocals. Evolving across the Yang lies LABYRINTH, a psychoactive concoction of distant, ambient landscapes and mechanical, wood-polished drumming paying homage to the sun dial.
….33 0r 45? Let your unconscious state decide”.


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