Round 3!

Following up the hard-hitting anthems by label owners Kahn & Neek, the bosses decide to invite a new set of artists into the Bandulu camp.

Veteran since the early Bristol Dubstep and Grime days – ‘Gemmy’ heads up this four track 12″ with ‘Roll on tips and toes’ a Bristol anthem since the days of the ‘Who You Reppin’?’ DVD that circulated the streets back in the 00’s.
Unearthed again and remastered, sounding fresh as ever!

Track 2 comes in the form of Oatz ‘Untitled’ –

A skitty eski-beat / slew dem crew amalgamation that hits the right frequencies – from sliding synthlines and detuned square waves to rushed hi hats and claps, this one moves forward in true 8 bar style.
Str8 murderation!

Next up is another young-blood from Bristol: Boofy steps in with intricate hi-hat arrangement, strings that sway over subdued but ever-sure bass stabs… like a cool breeze taking over the dancefloor, this one’s chilly!

Last but not not least we have Breen coming in straight in with deadly strings and proper rough-and-tough sub and kickdrum, like the best of Mondie or Mark One in his early sublow days.

It’s another straight up Banger of a 12″ from Bandulu.

Screen printed, signed and numbered by Joshua Hughes-Games. Limited to 500.

What you waiting for??!

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