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Our Rob & Harry are back at it, spreading their wings and murdering weakhearts.
Following essential gear for Howling Owl, FuckPunk, Timedance, and a whole gang of loud & proud appearances at countless club nights and festivals across the continent, it’s now time to grab another of their crucial manifestations, on the inimitable Mannequin imprint, no less.
Sitting neatly amongst the well-aged & cherry picked industrial, techno, punk and EBM that MNQ so succinctly resurface for us, Giant Swan dip in with four cuts that display their glowing energy with a proper punch.
4×4-not-4×4 bangers, acidbath techno, dungeon grime, abyssal plunges and hands in the air dance moves – it’s all here in it’s hardened, compressed mechanized glory.

This is sweaty gear for those who’ve had enough of timid dancefloor sounds, or those who just want to let looooose for once!
Because, let’s be honest, we all need to do that from time to time, so just be easy on yourself and join the fun, welcome the damage.

Come on then!

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