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Gnarsty moves from the big, bad GNOD out of Salford, sharing a ’45 with tribal-trip duo Zohastre aka Olmo and Héloïse – the force behind the excellent ZamZam Records imprint out of France (and once stationed in Bristol, a few moons ago).

This one arrived in the post here together with that killer Solar Skeletons tape (check it!!) straight from ZamZam HQ in France (don’t get it confused with ZamZam Sounds out of Portland btw).

GNOD, the fluid & flexible noise-rock / doom / soundsystem collective that has caused many a stir in live settings across the world with their improvised, ever-changing shape, are up top on this disc with a real earthquake of bass, fizzing destruction of high frequency, and mangled drums. This one is a murderous slice of terror-dub already, well worth sending the post(wo)man your way with, we think!
This one should satisfy all fans of The Bug, Deafkids, G36, Emptyset, Kinlaw & Franco Franco, who knows, maybe even Ossia… Oh, and fans of GNOD might like this one too?!

Flip the disc, and you’ll find the whirlwind combination of drums & electronics by Zohastre –
conjuring up harrowing medieval spirits & tripped out bag-pipe merriment with otherwordly frequency oscillation and undulating waves of drum & guttural sub bass.
It sounds like you’ve crept up on a long-lost village in the valleys, peering over from behind the trees at night, staring at a huge flaming fire with the villagers dancing in circles, everyone possessed by the devil, and loving it.

Killer off-kilter release, this.
Straight from the underground! No messing about.

Screenprinted edition of 300.

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