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Much needed repress, once more, due to to high demand! Served in stamped sleeve.

After some months on dubplate rotation, with only one quick announcement made on the microphone at the latest Teachings In Dub & Peng Sound dance inside Bristol’s Trinity Centre a couple of weeks ago, this material has been treated in hands-on style and fashion, strictly offline business, taking things back to the roots… After all, Peng Sound began it’s dealings in the small basement of the Take 5 Cafe. No fuss, just a soundsystem, turntables and some good, vibrations to dance to.

So, to many seemingly out of nowhere, Peng Sound unleash a seriously killer 12” with this brand new Gorgon Sound remix material, no warning, no notice.

From the Twilight Circus & Ras Alla version, through to the O.B.F. remix – both cuts are absolutely heavyweight, unsurpassable Gorgon Sound material once again.

We’ve heard and seen the damage these can do on a big set of scoops, truly powerful & uplifting steppers cuts for the dubwise massive.

Served in brown paper sleeve, hand-stamped.

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