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Grimescapes - YO8TH


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Lookie, lookie

the unstoppable YOUTH imprint out of Manchester give us their next instalment - in limited run of 100 vinyl copies - from Iceman Junglist Produktion, who delivers four long(ish)form grime reductions (can we call it that, even if the grime is reduced to the sound of sizzling embers, icey pads and vocal injections from past reality?)

Across four tracks, this Grimescapes record managed to entirely consume us as soon as it was on the hifi -
It's like one of those slow motion views you see in good film making, the ones where the camera tilts sideways after a while and you feel your head nodding to one shoulder, and then you have to blink to re-set your balance point, and give yourself a little mental pinch to return to reality. By the time we land at the end of the B2 'Emergence' and Wiley's voice speaks through these clouds of sound, we were already fully involved, and had forgotten the aim of these grime scapes - to unearth a few sonic shards from the rich history of grime from the early days of pirate radio, white labels and low bit rate youtube clips, around the 00's.
The flipside comes on like the Lava after the spiralling clouds of volcanic smoke in the distance... Destructive beauty.

Absolutely stunning stuff - this is the kind of thematic dark ambient we like - brooding, shapeshifting and almost overwhelming in it's subtle force and bizarre beauty - peppered with human interaction and voice, for extra intrigue.

Edition of 100 copies - & they'll be gone soon too.