More rhythm excursion from one of Portland’s finest Music exporters: Boomarm Nation.

Four tracks on the disc, each one unique and directed at the floor with music on the mind.
The title track ‘Mean Sound’ appears in three incarnations: firstly in it’s original ‘half-time’ stagger, complete with big bad synthlines and melodious modulations, reminiscent of Hyetal’s early work, then on the next side of the disc we are greeted by a a brilliant remix by the ever-versatile, anolog-inclined ‘Strategy’ … jam packed with density and blasted with powerful 80’s snares and synthetic glow, this version has the pace of an early  steelie & cleevie style digital dancehall production but comes with the imposing, ‘stand-tall’ low-end of a tough 80’s disco jam. Great stuff!
The B2 invites the listener further into depths of the title track, with added ‘dread’ and a more assertive swagger.

Let’s not forget to mention ‘Vetted’ on the A2 – A welcome calm in the midst of the madness, this delay-drenched, melancholy 4×4 jam is filled with all the musical trickery that is to be expected by a Gulls production, these ain’t no throwaway tracks.

Wicked stuff!

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