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Halvtrak via Don’t Be Afraid –

A side project to the Dust Under Bridges vinyl release, with the catalog number DBA013X, these tracksRunning on the outer reaches of the dancefloor, set in a dystopian future where machines and cyborgs rule the scene, where semi-automatic drum-machines and circuit bent ‘retro’ synths self-arpeggiate, creating rhythms and melodies that are almost fully determined by the electric and it’s currents…

Welcome to the world of Halvtrak, who delivers us this 9 piece excursion through off-the grid house and techno palettes.
With a similar cyberpunk aesthetic to the Lily stuff on NoCorner and DBA, it makes perfect sense to be able to own this on cassette as well as other mediums… After all, the anarchist will use any platform to get the music out to the people, in order to channel a revolution.

Served in a limited edition of 50 white-on-black printed tapes.

housed in printed card sleeve and a stamped mailer.

Way Of The Hee Hoe
The Sweep
Sudden Moves
Return To

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