Last few copies of this twisted gem from Hannas Barber, on Industrial Coast –

Hannas barber are Dan Rambaut, Simon Richardson & Ed Martin

hannas barber formed in leeds 1995 & comprises ed martin aka edv3ctor, simon richardson (vj vitascope) & dan rambaut (the bard of crouch hill). they are a non genre specific freeform, folkart band w/ tentacles that cross the divide between hip hop samplerdelia, motorik grooves, electronic minimalist & full fat experimentalism. now split between england & scotland, the group still refuses to be categorised & have releases on the defunct dalriada & their own instant action object imprint

hannas reprise vol. 1 is the first in a series of archival mixtapes
Design by The Twisted Head
Recorded in London, Leeds & Glasgow

C62 – Cream cassette, label Side A. Professionally printed J card.

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