Hi5Ghost – Holy I$$h

Vinyl (12'')
Bandulu [BANDULU010]
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Hi5Ghost touches down again on Bandulu, in the process breaking the internet and our site yet again seemingly without much of a fuss on his part.

We’ve been hotly anticipating the follow up record to No Sleep on Hotline and Hi5 doesn’t disappoint, coming through with three original bangers that’ll burn out your bass bins faster than the wheels of that lifted vehicle on the cover.

Most will probably recognise Scorpion’s Mask from Kahn & Neek’s Fabriclive mix from last year, sounding even heavier on wax than it did in the mix. It’s joined on that side by Deathcon 5, a stripped back beat workout straight from the depths of the chamber – that extra space in the mix makes for one of the weightiest low-ends we’ve heard in a good while.

The real show here is on the A though. Holy I$$h has been on dubplate rotation amongst a close-knit crew for a little bit now – those who’ve reached Bandulu dances in the last several months will probably have heard this and can finally put a name to the riddim. Just for extra measure, Lemzly Dale comes in with a classic re-work that takes the hooks of the original and gives them a thorough, off beat shake-up that dials the energy levels way into the red.

Credit must go to Joshua Hughes-Games again for providing yet another wicked sleeve – it looks even better in the flesh than the photo, trust us.

As is always the case, this first pressing with screen-printed sleeves are limited, so to give everyone a chance we can only allow one copy per customer please – we’ll refund people who buy more than one for any extra copy(ies) they pay for.

Good luck!

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