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Hodge - Beneath Two Moons

Berceuse Heroique

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Hodge kicking off the new year Beneath Two Moons, with a set of heroic lullabies for the freakzone dancin' crew -

It's always a pleasure to watch our friend Hodge apply his deft production techniques and on-point approach to the current wave of UK club music, and this 12", back on the always-bloody-good Berceuse Heroique, is one of his very finest examples to date, flitting into more obscure realms, whilst keeping an infrared lensed eye for futuristic blade runner esque tension and release, chipped and re-instated into the system for a masterfully transformed contemporary rave setting, 2018 style.

From the 100% charged & powered bang of 'Beneath Two Moons' on the A side, which manages to melt a cooling tropical theme with the most sweaty of warehouse scenarios and lead perfectly into the altered, darker states that 'There Is A Storm Coming In' lays before us towards the centre of the A Side.
The B1, 'All Is Not Lost' is like a stop off on that aircraft we been cruising on, touching base on a sand-dune oasis on some far away planet, finding rare species on 2d palm trees, and unbelievably tasty space fruit.

Final track is a masterclass in sweet, left-field house music, bringing Soichi Terada and Shinichi Atobe to mind, finishing off the disc in a really beautiful way.

Top dollar business, don't fuck about if you want a solid record, it is right here.

Great artwork on this too, lavishly served up with an extra printed inner sleeve - it's a treat.

Beneath Two Moons

There Is A Storm Coming In

Don't Hold Your Breath

All Is Not Lost