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1: Must Understand Before Contradict

2: It Ain't Assertion When Only They Have Scope To Make It

3: It Ain't Assertion When Only They Have Scope To Make It (Eomac Remix)

Mutant, fizzing techno for the dancehall –

Issued via the vinyl-only operation – according to them – based in the desert, Bedouin Records do an impeccable job here, BDN002 delivers three cuts of fierce, razor-sharp sonics by Imugem Orihasam from North Japan, backed with an on-point Eomac remix.

Two original tracks on the topside, Imugem displays his command over chipped and abused synthlines, forming a unique concoxion of dancefloor experimentalism.

Another treat awaits on the other side of the disc, the secret weapon – a tough, rugged remix by Eomac, edging forward with a dancehall-bogle in dystopian style, conjuring images of William Gibson-esque visions of a grim future dancehall.

Bold sonics, served in a fantastic sleeve, pressed to a high-standard- one for the heads!

Limited edition of 300, vinyl-only.
Printed kraftliner sleeve.
180gm heavyweight 12″.

Out of stock!
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