1: High Rise Vibration (Riddim Full Of Culture Mix)

2: High Rise Vibration (Ruff Warrior Mix)

3: High Rise Vibration (Horns of Redemption Mix)

4: High Rise Vibration (Salute Mix)

Iration Steppas pay tribute to High Rise with this deadly, deadly, deadly 1994 dub weapon – their first release as Iration Steppas on their own imprint back then – mad-pricey on 2nd hand markets for time, but now available here with new dubplate cuts, re-mastered and sounding HEAVY as ever, via Dubkquake Records 12″

Full of pace, full of mad-mad dub fx, hands flying across the mixing board, with four mixes of the ruff&tuff 90’s anthem ‘High Rise Vibrations’ including Mark Iration on vocal intros, alongside Dennis Rootical on production…..’rrrrrrrUUUFFFF’!

Kicking off with the the high-energy first cut entitled ‘Riddim Full Of Culture’, it gets raw & heavy real fast with the (previously last cut on the o.g disc!) raw dubwise 2nd cut ‘Ruff Warrior Cut’ – this one is for the skankin’ crew in the dance – no doubt!.
On the flip, we have the previously unreleased ‘Horns Of Redemption’ mix, which let’s mad pitch delays and sharp hi-hats phase over the chords and synth horns line, before giving way to the thumping kick and bassline pattern, coming in like a thunderstorm of low end weight. This one is the uplifting cut, after everything got flattened on the 2nd cut the ‘Ruff Warrior Cut’ on the A Side.
Fourth, and final cut on the disc is the ‘Salute Mix’, which goes dark, and brooding with spring reverbs smashing over reverberant bassline thunder, and squeezed horns – pure evil, take no prisoners type dubwise. RUFF!

This one, like the other 90s reissue cuts, is another essential disc – sorry to say this again, but it’s simply true.

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