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One of many GEMS that we have recently received in a box from Moscow via our friends at Stellage – this Ivan Zoloto tape, the 2nd ever release on highly-promising russian label CANT –

We were very glad to be made aware of a gang of crucial sonics from, and via, the russian underground with this box of tapes and vinyl –

this particular tape here from Ivan Zoloto, made in various locations over the last four years or so, jumped out at us for it’s bittersweet affinity with noise, conveyed in a way that doesn’t feel brutish for the sake of it, but more anguished and bruised in an emotional way – looming tones, (dis)harmony and melodics ooze from below walls of grit that tower over the heart of sound… Destructive feedback signals rub shoulders with almost-euphoric synths, vocal narrative and light blue frequency – there is a conversation going on here somewhere, and it’s not one-sided, even if there is pain involved at times, it’s not so much a punishment, but a purification.

We like this description from Ivan himself too –

“This sad wet tape is dedicated to Noise. Noise is the sound of loud. It comes from throwing pots and pans at your husband. My mom loves it. Please enjoy my tape, Ghosting. It’s about an idiot and his miserable jet set and a girl and I guess ghosts too probably. Who cares. I love war.”

In short – this one’s really, really good – properly involving, immersive sonic journeyism.
you’ll be back for more.

Edition of 50.
Transparent cassettes with handmade covers.
Each copy is numbered by hand.

Recorded in
Moscow, Russia, 2015–2017 (1–2)
Shanghai, China, 2016 (3)
Petrozavodsk, Karelia, 2012 (4)
Odense, Denmark, 2014 (5)
Lincoln, NE, 2017 (6)
Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2017 (7)

1. Vysotka 00:22
2. Salve 05:12
3. Thinking of You (feat. Li Huihui) 10:23
4. Shkola no. 5 02:31
5. Spectacle (feat. TG Gondard and Ernesto Gonzalez) 08:40
6. Potential 07:20
7. Carved Grammar (Live at Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center) 16:48

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