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Lush DIY moves from Jabu, on their new imprint do you have peace? – 60mins of original productions, alongside Daniela Dyson.

We’re pleased to be able to point you towards this latest piece of output from Jabu, alongside new friend and collaborator Daniela Dyson, for Jabu’s new imprint ‘do you have piece?’.
As with every bit of Jabu music, these are full of all the woozy heartbreak and bittersweet joys you’d hope for. Effortlessly blending DIY sonics and an experimental approach to sound, with a keen-ear for melody and harmony, in the best of pop traditions – or as Jabu would prefer: dream pop – over the course of their work for NoCorner, Blackest Ever Black and Young Echo, we’ve come to cherish their calm.

Daniela Dyson, who’s feminine / columbian / bristolian poetry, observing thoughts and things which most can’t put into words, adds a new dimension to Jabu’s sound world. Stepping up on key moments during this 60 minute shifting of clouds, Daniela momentarily anchors the ship under blue skies, before drifting off way into the distance again, to let new shapes of sound unfold around it’s course.

The cassette is tightly wound with absolute gems and subtle, yet highly emotive details –
be it the instrumentals of Amos Childs (1/3 of Jabu), and additional dubbing & production work from fellow Young Echo family Sunun & Sebastian Gainsborough (aka Vessel), the real-life strings from Rakhi Singh, the subtly layered vocals of Jasmine Butt and Alex Rendall (2 & 3 of Jabu), or the poetic interjections of Daniela Dyson – it’s a strong combination of good minds.

They say music is medicine… And if you need further proof, try this one.

Side A & Side B, around 30mins each, partly merged, partly left to take a breath before delving into the next – perfect momentum throughout.

“A collection of music made from 2017-2020
feat. contributions from Sunun, Rakhi Singh & Sebastian Gainsborough.

Artwork taken from Disco Polo series Poland 2015
© Paulina Korobkiewicz”

Edition of 100 cassettes, with DL code.
Type & Design by Joshua Hughes-Games.

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