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1997, deadly UK steppers from Jah Warrior – or, as it says on the tin:
A Serious Selection Of Killer Dubs

This review has pretty much already written itself, if we just quote the sleeve art that pretty much sums up what we say most of the time anyway…

But we’ll wax lyrical anyway, because this one is a big longtime personal favourite of ours, straight from the heavyweight soundsystem roots archives of UK Dub veteran Jah Warrior, originally released around 1997 –

This one’s been hard to find for some time now, so it’s great to see this getting reissued now via Partial Records.

A lot of you will probably already know the title track, a standout tune from Jah Warrior’s catalogue which we’ve sold on here too over the years (that one was reissued via the excellent ‘Dug Out’ imprint).
Dub From The Heart is known for it’s JW signature warped filter bass sound – and some have described as ‘proto dubstep’ – and we can’t argue with that.

This LP takes an, in dub / soundsystem music less common, sample-based approach to part of the production and sounds used, mainly for that additional JA roots drum sound, and the occasional vocal chop (like the killer ‘Strictly Yard Music’ for example) which Steve Mosco, aka Jah Warrior layers over his computerized steppers rhythms and warped, sub-heavy basslines to deadly effect.

Dougie Conscious, of Conscious Sounds fame, gets a production credit too – and you could probably find some connections between the sound of this record, and some of those 90’s Bush Chemists LPs such as ‘Light Up Your Spliff’.

Anyway, what really matters here – is that this is one 100% crucial documentation of Jah Warrior’s signature, dreader-than-dread UK steppers sound, deep, kind of dark and fierce, overwhelmingly bass-loaded and reverb-drenched, but still mightily uplifting, in roots reggae style and fashion.
Recorded, in our opinion, when Jah Warrior was at his prime, around 1997 –
Dub From The Heart manages to channel that 70’s JA roots sound into something futuristic, and geared for heavyweight deployment on the soundsystem, sitting equally comfortable amongst the tougher UK dub sound that was emerging in the late 80’s and in the 90’s, via people such as Mixman, The Disciples, Dred & Fred, Conscious Sounds and so on.

But even some 25 years later, this record here still sounds tuffer than most, and ruffer than most productions made today.

We’re not going to start picking the album apart track for track, you can pick favourites yourselves – but we’ll tell you that we’ve been hammering this one for years, so much so, that our old, crackly 2nd hand copy can probably take a rest now, as we’ll add a fresh copy to our shelf for listening purposes.

Oh, and look out on the sleeve notes for a big up to our friend DJ Stryda.
This is one of the reasons why we love records and why we’re still doing this –
you wouldn’t find that kind of time capsule in your mp3 file or whatever.

100% essential, underground UK steppers classic!

1. Mount Zion Gates 03:54
2. Strictly Yard Music 03:43
3. Herbsman Anthem 03:52
4. Spiral Echoes 03:34
5. Sound Boy’s Chest 03:26
6. Living Dub 03:32
7. It A Go Dread 03:41
8. Destination Revelation 03:33
9. An Eye For An Eye 03:26
10. Dub From The Heart 03:51
11. Strictly Yard Music – Part 2 03:38
12. Rastaman Chant 03:36
13. Babylon Shall Fall 03:40
14. Hiding From Reality 03:55

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